Telescopic Function

+ Extendable Arm

+ Adjustable Counterweight
+ Pan-Tilt Action 

 Quality Display Case 

+ Extra thick acrylic glass ( 2,5mm/0.1")

+ Rounded Top Edge

+ Shiny Black Base

Boom Function

+ Lift arm with Boom function
+ Self leveling mechanism
+ Lockable Endposition


+ ScreenCrane Model 1:24
+ 18cm/7.1" x 6cm/2.4" x 9cm/ 3.6"
+ Extended Lenght 48cm/18.9" 

Made in Germany
Our ScreenCrane and ScreenDolly Model is designed and manufactured in Germany.

Made from 80% renewable Materials

The used  Material is an  environmentally friendly Polymer made from biological starch.

Screencrane 48

The Worlds first Telescopic Camera-Crane Model.